Spray Seal

We spray seal large driveways, low traffic car parks, highways and streets. Spray seal, also called chip seal, is a cheaper alternative to asphalt.

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If you require a waterproof and skid resistant surface that is more cost effective than asphalt, bitumen spray seal may be the ideal solution.

What is Spray Seal?

Also commonly called chip seal, this treatment involves a 2 coat seal layering method of a thin, sprayed layer of bitumen followed by a layer of aggregate which is rolled, then the process is repeated often with a smaller sized aggregate. Spray seal delivers a courser finish compared to asphalt, with a small amount of loose stone remaining for the majority of the seal life. The final finish will depend on the size and type of the aggregate used; with fine, coarse and coloured stone options available.

Most new spray sealed projects will need a two-coat application, where the bitumen and aggregate layer is repeated. However, if an existing seal needs repair a single coat reseal may be used. We will use either hot bitumen; C170, C320, Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) or bitumen emulsion; C.R.S. or A.S.S. for your spray seal, depending on the conditions and criteria of your site.

Spray Seal Applications

Spray seals are ideal for larger projects such as large or rural driveways, low traffic car parks, subdivisions, highways, and streets. This economical surfacing treatment can deliver great cost savings to residential, rural, commercial and government clients. We can work on projects across Queensland and service clients across the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Emerald.

Before a Spray Seal

The finish of your spray seal will only be a good as the base on which it is applied. If there are depressions or bumps in the base, then the spray treatment will show the same. A tight base is essential and our team can assist with site preparation and prime before any spray seal treatment.

Whether your spray seal project is large or small, Prime Spray Services are the leading team that you need to work with. Please call 0439 963 751 or get in touch via out Contact Us page for an obligation-free quotation.

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