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Small & large asphalt & bitumen spray seal services. New roads plus repairs. Professional & fast road delivery across Queensland.

Prime Spray Services


Prime Spray Services offer professional and fast asphalt and bitumen seal works for residential, rural and commercial roads. We pride ourselves on offering superior quality and service with prompt response times from our experienced and licensed staff.

Asphalt concrete roads are often preferred due to the superior smooth and durable finish that delivers the longest lasting results. Asphalt, which is also commonly called hot mix, is the premium product among the bitumen surfacing applications.

Asphalt is produced in drum or batching plants and is a mix of fine and course mineral aggregates and natural sand, which is bound with bitumen and filler (often lime or dust). Asphalt concrete delivers more flexibility than cement concrete, allowing it to move with the traffic pressure and varying loads.

New Road Surfacing

Our team can take care of new road bitumen spray seal and asphalt projects. First our guys will inspect the surface to be covered and all water run-off requirements. Then the ground surface will be machine swept and prepared and sprayed with a prime. Finally, depending on your desired finish, the hot asphalt will be machine laid to the required thickness or hot bitumen sprayed by our certified hot bitumen sprayer truck. We work with a variety of hot bitumen and asphalt products and will recommend C170, C320 or PMB (hot bitumen), emulsion bitumen (cold bitumen) or asphalt (hot mix) for your site.

Asphalt Road Repairs & Maintenance

Prime Spray Services can assist with repairs to asphalt roads in the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Emerald and the surrounding Central Highlands Districts. We can cover all repairs to cracks, potholes and deterioration on asphalt roads. We also recommend regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the integrity of your road is preserved. For more information please visit our Asphalt Repairs page.

Call 0439 963 751 for a site visit to measure and quote your asphalt road spray or resurface. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via the form on our Contact Us page.

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