Asphalt & Bitumen Driveways

We professionally install asphalt & bitumen driveways plus offer repairs & maintenance.

Prime Spray Services


Prime Spray Services are the experts when it comes to installing a new asphalt or bitumen driveway for you. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, we understand the importance of a premium driveway both for street appeal and property value.

An asphalt driveway is generally a cheaper alternative to cement concrete and can look just as good. They are also less susceptible to cracking, which is a bonus to your future maintenance budgets.

For new driveway projects, we can help design the layout, style and provide an obligation-free quote. Our team will integrate all storm water run-off requirements and deliver a smooth driveway on time.

We can also assist with the site preparation works, including ground preparation and applying a prime or primer seal on the base. Both of these phases play a big part in the quality of the bitumen spray/ chip seal or asphalt finish.

Asphalt Driveway Repairs

You need to check regularly for any cracks or areas of deterioration in your driveway, as any imperfections left unattended can cause bigger and more expensive repairs down the track.

The team from Prime Spray Services will offer expert advice on repairs to cracks and potholes, to deliver long-term quality and integrity in your asphalt driveway.

Over time asphalt and bitumen will show signs of deterioration due to the oxidation from the sun and water, and wear and tear from traffic. Repairing and resealing will lengthen the life and quality of the road surface.

Contact us today on 0439 963 751 or via out Contact Us page and we will come out and measure your new driveway or repair job today.

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